Summer finally! The weather has been wonderful this year for a change. I love the heat and feel that summer is meant to be hot hot hot. This year so far it has been and I do hope all you people with trailers out there are taking advantage of the great weather when you can. I get to spend my days wearing sweaters as I work with penguins who have the AC turned so high it is like working in a refrigerator. Winter will be here all too soon so enjoy this wonderful weather!


 I would again like to thank all of you who are stopping and blocking the gates and who are swiping your cards. This has helped our security and we have been break in free so far. We would also like to thank you for being vigilant and reporting any issues you observe and taking care of your neighbors and reporting open doors or vents. This is what makes our yard so secure and safe.

Last year we brought in the “parking passes”. These are available at the office and are to be put on your car dash when you leave it in your RV stall. This way we know that the car belongs in the stall and has not just been randomly parked there. If you make a practice of leaving a vehicle in your stall we suggest you just keep the pass until the summer is over.


 The “Yard Guy” has been out checking sites and addressing issues such as potholes and weeds. The yard is hard and dry now and he has been able to regravel some areas 

Please remember that at this time of year your neighbor behind you may be out camping but you still need to be vigilant when parking your unit and bring the hitch right up to the yellow line. This allows lots of room for your neighbor when he returns. Trailers also need to be centered in the site. Please do not take short cuts through the empty stalls.

  If you have an accident while in the yard, please report it. Over the years, we have had a few minor accidents and usually we are able to “hunt down” the culprits. It is much easier if you simply report the incident. Not reporting an issue could mean eviction.


We have been leaving the fresh water on after hours recently. Thanks to all who have followed the rule for not flushing. It is for this reason that we are leaving the water on.

 Please keep in mind that the water at the sani dump stations is for rinsing only. Do not use this water to fill your tanks. Use the water at the office tap.


 We have had very little mice activity this year so far. Please remember if you do have any signs of mice in your RV or in your locker, let us know so we can get some poisoners out in that area. Again, we ask that you do not use your own mouse poison. We would not like to see a child or animal other than mice get poisoned by accident. Our poison containers are very safe and cannot be opened without a key so are child and pet proof as long as they don’t get driven over. If you do find any that have been cracked or opened please report them.  

 The Kill Deer birds have hatched and taken off to the wild blue yonder. The rabbit activity has slowed down as well. Office staff did spot two young moose on the road a couple of weeks ago. This is not unusual to this neighborhood but quite thrilling to see when we do


Methods of payment are:

  •  Visa & Mastercard
  • Debit

  • Cash

  • E-transfer

  • We no longer accept American Express 

 We offer long term discounts of 5% for 6 months for lockers and RV’’s and 12-month discounts of 15% for RV’s and 10% for lockers. Please remember that these discounts are non-refundable should you move out prior to the end of each contract.

 We also offer monthly payments and many of our customers utilize our preauthorized payment plan. This method means we automatically renew your contract on your due date with a credit card. This method is convenient for customers who travel as it means your payment is always on time and no late fees! We only keep credit cards on file for these preauthorized payments. We do not keep credit cards on file for yearly or 6 month accounts unless requested to.

 E-transfers are the newest method of payment we are now accepting. If you do online banking, you probably have the ability to send us your payment via e-transfer.

 Use This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

You need to have a security question and answer. Use your unit number as the answer. Question “what is my unit number”. This is the best one to use. You can also send us an answer we will use each time. Question would be “password on file”.

 Late fees go on 5 days after your due date and continue to go on every ten days after that until the account is cleared. We will no longer waive late fees. There is also a $10.00 charge for declined credit cards.

 You will receive an invoice approximately two weeks prior to your due date unless you are on the automatic payment plan. On the preauthorized plan, you will receive a reminder of the upcoming withdrawal rather than an invoice.

 If you are planning on selling your unit, please pay month to month only. We do not refund under any circumstances!

 Remember to give us 14 days’ notice prior to move out.

 If your information has changed, please notify us of the changes.


 There is a customer area on the website and we post relevant information about yard conditions and sani dump status.   Hours of operation summer and winter on there too.


 Our expanded RV store now carries many more RV type items. Below is a list of some of them:

 Tire gauges, Moisture removers, levelling blocks, toilet paper, water hoses and sewer hoses. Wheel chocks, Happy Camper and other septic products. A variety of hitch pins and quick links. We also have many small items such as fuses and bolts and nuts. Bungee cords and a large variety of hitch locks. Come in and browse. If there are any items you would like to see us carry please let us know.

 We still have our free coffee and tea available. Pop and water for purchase as well. Free popcorn is also available at the office most days.

 We now sell firewood. The cost is $8.95 and the bundle is quite generous.


 We have discontinued the Bulletin Board. It has not been used very much lately so we are now using the space to feature some of our newer products that we carry in our mini store. We have also added an information wall, which gives the office a bit of a new look.


We have quite a few wheel covers and air conditioner covers which have been found in the yard throughout the winter. These have no names or site numbers in them so we are unable to return them to their owners We have a bin with these in so if you are looking for a missing one or need one, please feel free to come on in and pick through them and take what you want.

On these hot days please come on in to the office and cool off. As I stated at the beginning of the newsletter, the office is always cool as staff are Penguins!